Healthy Habits

How Little Changes Create Optimal Health

Ever feel like you’re caught in a rut? Like you’ve been floating through life, pretty content, but wishing you somehow felt  you could be doing just a little better? As the amazing, beautiful soul that you are, you’re always looking for ways to improve!

They may sound minor, but these little shifts have a major impact in your daily conquering of the world.

Got Water?

What?! That seems way too easy. But just drinking the proper amount of water yields amazing results. The magic number that is personalized to you is to drink half of your body weight in ounces a day. For example if you weigh 160 lbs, you would drink 80 ounces a day. Spread it out over the day to ensure maximum benefits.  

Flushing out toxins, improved skin and complexion, regularity, promoted weight loss, boosted immune system – that’s what’s waiting for you when you grab that clear refreshing goodness! Just keep in mind that most times, we drink water only when we’re thirsty, but by this time our body is already lacking the proper amount of H2O.

Thirsty? Time for water. Not thirsty? Yep, time for water.

Adding Habits to Your Habitat

Pick something fresh and foreign to you that you’ve always wanted to try. It could be learning a new skill, kicking a bad habit, or focusing on a different health goal, but starting something brand new in your life revitalizes the day-to-day. It also gives you things to look forward to each day. The work day can be a long one, but getting back to that painting you’re working on or baking those Stevia stuffed cookies when you get home stirs some inner excitement. Really, who can resist those warm, decadent cookies?

Grow Your Relationships

It can be as small as telling someone you love them today. Or even a hug. Or maybe making plans with an old friend to grab some brunch and get up!

Creating meaningful relationships and truly fostering those says a lot about how you choose to take on the world. The value of having loved ones you can rely on nurtures a sense of feeling needed. Many find comfort and meaning to their lives when surrounded by thriving relationships. It’s what brings us all together and it’s such a simple thing to do!

Nutrient Nut

For most of us, we’re pretty conscious of what we’re eating on the daily (calorie counting for the win!) but the biggest little shift you can do? More nutrients, baby! All the greens you can possibly eat and everything with the peel left on is a great place to start! The best way to get that extra zap of nutritional gain is to go for the added fruits and veggies. Easy “peas”y!

It’s crazy to think it’s the little things go such a long way. It gives us that feeling of accomplishment we’re all pining for. You and your health come first and remembering that through quality care brings only the best you deserve.

Here’s to you optimizing your health, wealth and happiness so you can express your optima!

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Dr. Jackie

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