You are great at taking care of everyone and everything else and now it’s your turn.  When you honor your health, wholeness and wellbeing you unlock your ability to fully thrive and enjoy your life.

You move with grace from doing into being. Life opens and expands in new ways you have only imagined… now is your time to THRIVE!

Reclaim Your Vitality

Rediscover Your Joy

Live Your Purpose

We live in an exciting time where science, technology and wellbeing are merging for greater states of human flourishing.  You no longer have to accept a pill for your ill or an outdated story that you just have to accept or live with symptoms, sickness or disease.

Now is a time of precision health and optimization and this is how we can partner together to reconnect you to YOU with clarity, quickness and joyful ease.

Our Thrive Program is Personalized to YOU.

WHo is this program for?

THRIVE  is our core 4 month program for  women 30-45. Results may include: Increased energy, concentration, mood, mindset, productivity and deep sleep. Fat loss, decrease pain, and greater states of wellbeing.

What can I expect?

We begin by assessing you bio specifically, which allows us to understand and recommend the exact steps you need to take to optimize your health and enhance your wellbeing. This gives you the certainty, control and confidence needed to live your best life!

We Test so You no Longer Have to Guess!

Our THRIVE 4 month core program is personalized to your health goals based off of your bio-specific testing and evaluations. This data reduces guess work or probabilities so we can more precisely guide you into greater states of wellbeing.

How Often Do I Come In?

Our program is a mixture of at home therapies and lifestyle optimization, virtual coaching and in office care.  Your exact program will be reviewed with you at your results visit.

What is Included in my Program?

The core of our program includes: Advanced diagnostics/ labs, Neurotechnologies, Microcurrent frequency, Brain training and Precision Health strategies to include: Nutrition, Sleep, Supplementation, Stress Optimization, Movement, Mindset and Wellbeing.

Your specific protocol may include precision therapies and corrective treatments that are clinically shown to help your brain and body to heal, thrive and optimize. Dr. Jackie and the expressing optima team will review what specifically will be a part of your personalized plan of care so you can achieve the results you deserve.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a premium health optimization program for the person that is truly ready to upgrade their health and life. Some elements may be covered by your HSA and we have great financing options that will make your program affordable and fit your budget. Before we can determine if we can offer you an invitation to this program, you must have a complimentary conversation with Dr. Jackie or a member of her team to ensure that this is the right fit for you.  At that time, if we decide that we can accept your case, any costs associated with your program will be reviewed with you.

How Do I Get Started Transforming My Health and Life?

Start today by filling out this brief questionnaire and request a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Dr. Jackie. She will review your request and schedule with you right away. We are excited to hear from you. So many lives have been transformed… are you ready to be next?


Got Questions? Contact Us at the Office Directly, My Team and I are Here to Help You.