Ready to stop guessing about what is the right “diet” for you? In fact are you tired of diets and food fads all together?  

Get ready to take out all of the guesswork as you unlock your healing and health potential with Precision Nutrition. This is our signature precision nutrition program that is customized and built just for YOU based off of your genes.

Why Precision Nutrition?

Because you are not like everyone else… you are a unique individual that deserves a personalized nutrition plan based off of your genetic blueprint so you can express your full potential for optimized living. Most nutrition and diet plans today take a one size fits most approach that doesn’t create long lasting results. This creates confusion, frustration and a 20 billion dollar diet industry that keeps you the consumer bouncing from fad to fad and diet to diet.

What if one test and one plan could take all of that away and give you 100% confidence and certainty about the nutrition plan that is right for you?  Imagine if you could know exactly what you should and should not be eating for your gene type, how powerful could that be for you?

What is included in my program?

The core of our program includes:

  • Your genetic test and evaluation
  • Your precision nutrition report and plan delivered by Dr. Jackie
  • Precision Nutrition Coaching and access to our members resource center that contains 100’s of recipes, menus, shopping guides and more.

Based on your goals and findings, your specific protocol recommendations may include additional clinical support or therapies that are shown to help your brain and body heal, thrive and optimize. Dr. Jackie and the expressing optima team will review this with you at the time of your results visit.

What You Can Expect:

Here at Expressing Optima in Warner Robins GA

We take a different approach to your health and wellbeing. We believe in delivering precise and personalized care that delivers real results. We don’t guess with your health. Through the science of nutragenomics and epigenetics, we deliver precision nutrition.

First we begin with nutritional genetic testing that allows us to look at your genetic code. Your genes tell us what your body naturally responds best to for enhancing health as well as what can increase your risk of disease.  

Then we do a deep dive into your personal health, nutrition and lifestyle history to begin to understand the epigenetic implications. Epigenetics means above the gene- it is what signals the DNA to EXPRESS, in other words it tells the genes what to do.  Depending on your epigenetic influences, you are either setting yourself up for optimized health or sickness and disease.

We test so you no longer have to guess!

Our Precision Nutrition program is tailored to your nutritional health goals based off of your nutragenomics and epigenetics so we can give you an exact nutritional roadmap that will allow you to heal- thrive and optimize your health and life.

How Do I Get Started Transforming My Health and Life?

Start today by filling out this brief questionnaire and request a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Dr. Jackie. She will review your request and schedule with you right away. We are excited to hear from you. So many lives have been transformed… are you ready to be next? Request your consult today.