Dr. Jackie Kilraine

I have always had a passion for treating women who had chronic health issues.  Most of these women were self-starters, intelligent and driven women. Many were sidetracked and settled for less than they knew they could achieve. Chronic health problems coupled with feelings of anxiety and depression plagued many of my clients. Soon their lives revolved around their health issues rather than their desires.

I too experienced these issues when my husband passed away.  I had to rediscover who I truly was. I realized like many of my clients I had given away pieces of my potential to others and had to heal, leave fears behind, and rediscover what I truly desired. I then forged the path to heal and systematically reclaim my unique greatness, energy and passion.

The road I followed is one you can too. It begins with a science based approach that is unique only to you. Through your epigenetic profile and your specific biometrics we can design your path. The changes are measurable. You will have specific recommendations in the areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise and brain training that are only unique for you. I will guide you in a layer by layer approach that builds momentum as you go. You will gain energy and enthusiasm as you progress through each step of your program.  Most of my clients begin regaining their health and then optimize their potential in other areas of their life. I want that for you as well. If you desire, we have a community of other like-minded women who are on the same journey that you can connect with for inspiration and support.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, am certified in neurofeedback, and am a Human Potential Coach with Apeiron Academy.  I am also the mother of three boys, I have two dogs and three cats. I love to cook, hike and learn. I love audiobooks about health and self improvement and always have one I am listening to.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you optimize your potential.